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Welcome to Culcheth Medical Centre. Please click on any of the tabs on our page for information about our services , opening times and much more. 

If you can't see the information you are looking for , please call us on 01925 765101 , and one of our administrators will be happy to assist you. 

Patients can now cancel unwanted appointments by texting in. 

To cancel your appointment via text message 

please text your :





Calls to this number will NOT be answered and you are NOT able to make appointments via the mobile. It is used for appointment cancellation texts ONLY.

 Enhanced Access Service 
Additional access to primary care services on weekday evenings, Saturday, Sunday and on Bank Holidays.

Book a pre-bookable, routine appointment at a time and place that suits you.
Remote and face-to-face appointments are available - there is an array of clinicians available who can be seen remotely or face to face, such as GPs & nurses.

Where and when? Appointments are available at various GP practices during weekday evenings and at Orford Jubilee on the weekend, as seen below.

Monday - 4Seasons Medical Centre (18:30-21:00) 
Tuesday - Culcheth Medical Centre (18:30-21:00)
Wednesday - Parkview Medical Centre (18:30-21:00)
Thursday - 4Seasons Medical Centre (18:30-21:00)
Friday - Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub (18:30-21:00)
Saturday - Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub (09:00-17:00)

Sunday - Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub (10:00-14:00) 

Don't see your practice? Don't worry. Any patient registered at one of our 7 practices in Warrington Innovation PCN can be booked into an appointment on anyone of those days. Our practices are:

  • 4Seasons Medical Centre
  • Chapelford Medical Centre
  • Culcheth Medical Centre
  • Guardian Street Medical Centre
  • Parkview Medical Centre
  • Springfields Medical Centre
  • Westbrook Medical Centre 
    Who can I see? You will be seen by a local clinician, who will not necessarily be from your GP practice. GPs, Nurses, Phlebotomists will be available.
  • How do I book? Please contact your GP practice and ask for an evening or weekend appointment. The member of staff will try to book you in at a time/day that suits you.

Please note appointments are subject to availability

New Telephone System 

Backed by a large investment from the government, and Cheshire ICB, Warrington GP practices have been encouraged to make the switch from analogue systems – which can leave patients on hold and struggling to book an appointment – to modern, easy-to-use digital telephones designed to make sure patients can receive the care they need when they need it.

The target is for all GP surgeries in England to have digital phone lines by March 2024.

We are pleased to advise our patients that after many months of planning, Culcheth Medical Centre will be switching telephone providers from March the 4th 2024.

Cloud telephony will enable our practice to operate the phone systems via an internet connection, rather than the traditional physical telephone lines.

Providing access to services and the continued demand for appointments puts pressure on often overloaded and outdated phone lines and this is something we have been working to improve upon for many months.

By moving communications to the Cloud, we hope that our practice can significantly improve patient-to-practice communications while accessing the administrative control and features needed to improve practice performance.

X-On's award-winning Cloud-based phone system, Surgery Connect, is deployed in over 2,400 GP practices across England and Wales, serving an estimated 10 million patients.

Surgery Connect is a hosted phone system supporting IT transformation within the NHS by delivering quality, safety and efficiency to staff and patients.

Providing healthcare professionals with full patient consultation history, including call and video recordings linked to the patient record, ensures staff and patient safety. Empowering patients by allowing them to manage their own appointments, while reducing the burden on staff via notifications to at risk groups, improves administrative efficiency and allows staff to focus on patient interaction.

Contact centre features, including intelligent call queueing and routing, highly secure call recording automatically attached to patient records, confirm and remind systems to reduce DNAs, telephone triage and extensive reporting.





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