Phlebotomy (blood tests)


  • We have 1 HCA  , offering appointments each morning up to 11:20am Mon-Friday . Her clinics are very busy so if your request is urgent we may ask you to contact one of the community clinics for your blood test to be done. We can provide you with information on clinic times ,your your blood test request form.
  • Our samples are collected every weekday at 11.30am so if you are asked to provide a sample to bring down to the surgery, please try to do so before this time, as not all samples can be kept refridgerated and you may be asked to repeat your test. 
  • Requires GP Referral? Yes-unfortunately we are unable to accept samples which are brought in unless the clinician has specifically requested them. Should you suspect that you have an infection and want to bring in a stool or urine sample, you must first arrange to speak to a clinician and they will advise you. 


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